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Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber



V9 RIDING IS A JOY, BUT DISMOUNTING IS ANYTHING BUT Packed with new technology and engineering excellence, this is not a bike for anyone trying to […]



Packed with new technology and engineering excellence, this is not a bike for anyone trying to keep a low profile.

With the completely overhauled twin-cylinder 850cc, 65 horsepower, 73 Nm engine and advanced frame, riding thrills are taken to a whole new level, while on the looks side, new finishes, foot pegs and saddle deliver all the style you?d expect from a bike sporting the Mandello eagle.

After all, it?s not by chance that Moto Guzzi custom bikes have been among the world?s most popular and beloved for over 100 years. Generations have revered their unique design and of course, at the heart of each is the legendary twin-cylinder 90? V-engine.

A century of tenaciousness, passion and testing come together in the V9 Roamer andV9 Bobber, to deliver an unbeatable combination of outstanding riding pleasure and showstopping style.

With its clean lines, purity of design and decidedly sporty character, this Moto Guzzi custom epitomises how technology and performance can be effortlessly combined in one stylish package.

Innovative, aggressive and absolutely irresistible, the V9?s imposing personality makes itself felt in quintessential Moto Guzzi style with an innate purity of design expressed via the shaft drive transmission, steel body and spectacular ?look at me? tyres. A masterpiece of design, the meticulous attention to detail is impossible to miss, while the ample use of high-quality steel and aluminium are behind a frame that delivers increased handling and stability.
This is a bike for any rider who appreciates great curves, not just on the road, but on their own machine.

Adapted to your riding style
The new two-person seat comes with a removable passenger saddle, transforming the V9 BOBBER into an impressive single-seater. With a ground clearance of only 785 mm and total kerb weight of just 210 kg, it?s not hard to imagine the level of control and riding pleasure on offer, while the body has been fine-tuned to offer improved stability on both busy streets and narrow roads.

Let there be light
The V9 BOBBER is equipped with full LED optics and a powerful DRL headlight that recalls the outline of the eagle. Making its debut is a completely digital instrument cluster, in addition to a revamped seat with improved ergonomics. The result is a unique style that seamlessly fuses the grand legacy of Moto Guzzi with all the comforts of modern technology in a decidedly sporty bike.

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