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Piaggio Beverly 300



Beverly URBAN CROSSOVER Twenty years on from the launch of its first generation, the latest Piaggio Beverly arrives on the scene with plenty of news, but […]



Twenty years on from the launch of its first generation, the latest Piaggio Beverly arrives on the scene with plenty of news, but still that same sporty no-nonsense attitude and elegant design that shook up the concept of urban mobility.
Today, the Beverly is a crossover that combines the versatility and endurance of a medium high wheel with the performance and comfort of a luxury GT. Available in 300 and 400 cc versions, this exciting new formula takes power and comfort to another level for riders and passengers alike.

Versatility to the fore: Beverly, a symbol of elegance and agility for over two decades, and the most beloved of all high wheelers, continues to evolve and surprise.It is 20 years since the Beverley burst onto the scene and notched up record sales, and it shows no sign of resting on its laurels, breaking free of traditional categories to become a true versatile crossover.

Available in 300- and 400-cc versions, both the stylish Beverly and its sportier counterpart, the Beverly S, maintain the dynamic traits and endurance of a high wheel bike, but gain the safety, long distance comfort and exuberance of a confident and assured GT. Designed for urban commuting in its many forms and situations, its zippiness and great handling makes this tech-savvy Beverly the perfect companion around town and further afield, with plenty of room for a passenger to share in the fun and comfort.

Enjoy the agility of a high wheeler and the comfort of a GT

Discover the stunning new chassis and unparalleled riding experience

Enjoy the brilliant performance of the latest Piaggio Euro 5-compliant HPE

Switch on the engine and make yourself comfortable
The new Beverly has always been elegant, but the latest incarnation is more dynamic than ever, with clean, decisive lines and details that highlight its gritty, motorbike-like character.

The Beverly may be an elegant urban bike at first glance, but its reliability, performance and rideability mean it is also no slouch when it comes to venturing further afield. The spacious underseat compartment, large enough to hold two helmets, and some changes made to create a more comfortable riding position make it the perfect companion for weekend getaways.
On the aesthetics front, there are a host of stylish metallic details, such as the luggage rack, passenger foot pegs, instrument panel frame, setting off the new dark brown saddle with tone-on-tone double stitching to perfection.
The trio of on-trend colour schemes ?glossy Bianco Luna (white), Blu Oxygen (metallic blue) and Grigio Cloud (metallic grey) ? ooze elegance, pairing beautifully with the metallic finishing details and light grey rims.

The only thing we haven’t improved is the road
The Piaggio design team have worked their magic on the 300-ccvHigh Performance Engine, resulting in a 23% increase in power over its previous model, 16% extra torque and Euro 5 compliance. Mechanical and electronic components have also been fine-tuned to optimise performance and reduce fuel consumption.