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Vespa Elettrica RED



Elettrica RED (VESPA ELETTRICA)RED Vespa Elettrica and (RED) join forces with (VESPA ELETTRICA)RED for a livery in a bold colour that is not only special but […]



Elettrica RED

Vespa Elettrica and (RED) join forces with (VESPA ELETTRICA)RED for a livery in a bold colour that is not only special but also makes an impact. With a portion of every unit sold going to fight pandemics with (RED), the only zero aspect of this special model with chrome details is its emissions.

Vespa and non-profit organisation (RED) combine forces to create (VESPA ELETTRICA)RED, a special bike that reflects the shared values of respect for the environment and caring about global health.

United against pandemics
Together Vespa and (RED) are working to improve access to essential health services among communities in need. That means that when you choose a (VESPA ELETTRICA)RED with its eco-friendly electric motor, you are not only making an intelligent purchase in terms of the environment, but also helping to achieve greater parity when it comes to the global right to healthcare.

(VESPA ELETTRICA)RED is committed to safeguarding the environment. An Italian icon is now powered by a silent, sustainable modern heart that delivers easy, natural riding performance. Recharging the battery is simple and intuitive, while the elegant (RED) colour scheme makes a style statement.

Advanced comfort and features
With a digital TFT instrument panel, Bluetooth and Vespa MIA, the (VESPA ELETTRICA)RED has all the mod cons you could dream of. You can connect directly to your smartphone and check out trip stats, answer calls, read messages, activate voice commands and manage your music selection.

(RED) is much more than a colour
The (VESPA ELETTRICA)RED?s special livery stems from the collaboration between Vespa and (RED) to help those in need. No surprises on the colour front, with bold red encasing the steel body and adding a vivid touch to the seat and wheel rims with their diamond-cut edges. Completing the look are chrome details on the windshield perimeter, the flourishes on the iconic ?tie? and the crest of the front mudguard.


A contemporary work of art with an electric heart that is not only revolutionising two-wheeled mobility but bringing a vibrant new sense of energy to the road.

Fun and connectivity
The Vespa MIA multi-media system connects your smartphone to your bike via bluetooth so that the display becomes an extension of your phone.

Customise your own futuristic style
The distinctive silvery-grey silhouette is accented with details in a choice of six stylish colours that know how to bring the best out of the unmistakable Vespa design. Choose from Azzuro Elettrico (blue), Verde Boreale (green), Giallo Lampo (yellow), Cromo (chrome), Nero Profondo (black) and Grigio Fumo (grey).

Simple to recharge
The battery charger, stored beneath the seat, can be fully recharged in 4 hours. Both the engine and battery require no maintenance.

Clean energy
The Piaggio electric brushless engine with its modern lithium-ion battery uses the efficient Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) to recharge during deceleration.

Listen to the sounds of nature
With the Vespa Elettrica, you can navigate the urban streets in absolute silence, whether you choose Eco energy-saving mode or opt to push the engine by selecting Power. Either way, as you glide around town, the complete absence of acoustic pollution will ensure you appreciate the smooth riding experience to the max.

Get around without a care
Every detail of the Elettrica has been designed to make life simple, from riding to recharging to maintenance. The Reverse option is most definitely a helpful addition, and you can easily recharge your Elettrica by connecting the underseat cable to wall-mounted electrical sockets or public charging stations. When it comes to reliability, you can count on the engine and high-quality lithium-ion battery.

Enjoy infotainment on the go
The digital colour TFT dashboard provides all your riding parameters as well as useful trip statistics to help you get the best out of your riding style. The Vespa MIA multi-media app connects your smartphone to the bike via Bluetooth so that the display essentially becomes an extension of your phone, meaning you can use it in total safety, without taking your hands off the handlebar.

Reinvent your style
When you?re considered an innovative role model, you need to always stay a step ahead. Vespa offers two versions of the Elettrica with its new silver-plated look, each able to be customised to reflect the rider?s style. For urbanites, there is the 45 km/hour option, available in six colour variants, whilst riders who are looking for greater power can enjoy up to 70 km/hour and a choice of four colours.